Web-based PDF Conversion Suite

PDF desktop and online applications are very important and handy office productivity tools. They should enable us to translate text and graphics from PDFs into editable formats like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and to convert documents into a PDF. Every office and person managing electronic documents need a PDF converter on regular, if not daily basis.

PDF tools come as desktop, online and mobile apps. Professional users mostly choose comprehensive commercial PDF management tools. But, for the rest of us, there is a range of freebies that we can use to create or convert PDFs. In case you are among the users who still haven’t picked their favourite PDF tools, let us get you acquainted with not just a free PDF tool, but actually a free web-based PDF conversion suite, adequately named Free PDF Conversion Online.

This online PDF suite consists of 4 different tools: PDF Maker, PDF to Word, PDF to Excel and PDF to PowerPoint Converter.


1. It’s free, easy to use, fast and very accurate.

2. It enables users to manage their PDF needs on the go: all tools can be accessed from any place, at any given time and the entire conversion process is executed online.

3. It’s hassle-free: no software installation required, no maintenance efforts and cost.

4. It’s safe: privacy of content and personal information and content are guaranteed. All uploaded and converted files are, in addition, permanently deleted from the servers of PDFConverter.com (the provider).

5. The four tools can be accessed from the same URL: no need to bookmark or remember multiple web addresses.

How it works

Once you’ve picked up the conversion option you need, the free PDF conversion is performed in three quick and intuitive steps. Here is a step-by-step quick how-to-guide through the conversion process:

1) Visit the page of online PDF suite and choose the PDF tool by clicking its button. For example, if you want to convert PDF to Excel, you need to click the green PDF to Excel button:


2) Select the PDF file from your local disk to upload and convert (click the button Choose File)

3) Type in your email address and click the button Start!


You will shortly receive an email with a link to download your Excel spreadsheet which you can open right after downloading and start working on.

The other three tools in the suite work in the same way. So, if you have some PDFs to translate to other file formats, check out this set of tools and share your opinion with us!

Conferencing Service for Free – Sabsebolo

When I felt the need ?

I felt the need to conferencing service when I joined the MBA program in 2011. Earlier it was mostly office conference calls and those calls were mostly scheduled using pre-decided conferencing vendor of our company. The management program (MBA) was a non-resident program and I used to have discussions with my group people. Most of the time we tried to do calls over internet (Skype) but many times we miss the proximity to internet and planned to do conference calls on phone. We did a small research for finding the suitable conferencing service in India at that time.

The small research

A very small research lasted couple of hours when we finalized www.sabsebolo.com as our conferencing service. The primary reason was that I was free and easy to set up. Checked couple of more but I guess most of other services looked like  and close to B2B services and because of the nature of requirement we had decided to go with sabsebolo which seemed simple to us.

There are few more services like :

  1. www.eagleconferencing.in
  2. www.conferindia.com
  3. www.dsnl.co.in

Usage and experience of service

It was very easy to set up and we were up to speed in very less time. You can check some of the main features of sabsebolo in the image attached below:

Initially there was no limit on number of callers who can join in conferences but later on they made it paid feature and now only paid monthly subscription account has unlimited number of participants in conference calls. Free accounts can have up t0 10 callers in a conference call.

They also have a fax-to-email service but I never used that.


  • One the move conference with easy setup: You can do conference on the move. It does not require complex setup and by using access account number and pin, you are in.
  • Clear voice: Voice quality is good. Though couple of times we faced issues with voice of one or more participants but overall service quality is good.

Areas of improvements

  • I would recommend the voice signature service which should let incoming people know, who all are in call
  • It would also help if some how I can figure out that who just dropped of the call. Generally call co-ordinator would require this kind of features.
  • Better customer care is an area of improvement. They should keep posting updates about their new features to existing customers.
  • Few interesting things can be tried with the advertisements those are played just before that call, I think sabsebolo should think of some better ways to engage customers rather than just playing the ad.


Finally, this is a very useful service and keep it up. I also used this service for inviting all my close friends who are living in separate cities to have a conference call. :-)

Windows Error – Problem restoring data from hibernation

I use a laptop with Windows 7, Home Edition. Offlate I have been getting the following error everytime I start my machine from hibernation:

Your computer can't come out of hibernation.
Status: 0xc0000242
Info: A fatal error occurred processing the restoration data.
File: \hiberfil.sys

After looking on the internet, it became clear that this is a generic problem that comes across Windows versions, immaterial of the brand of laptop that you are using. To fix this, you need to disable and enable hibernation once. So here are the steps:

1. Run command prompt as administrator (to do this, type cmd on windows search bar, right click on cmd and click ‘Run as administrator’)
2. Type following command to turn OFF hibernation:
powercfg -h off
3. Reboot the computer
4. Open up command prompt again as administrator
5. Type following command to turn ON hibernation:
powercfg -h on
6. Hibernate and test – Voila! no more black screens

BTW, earlier I had tried doing the following, but it worked just once and never after that:
1. Follow the link http://support.microsoft.com/kb/920730 – This is for Windows 7/Vista, I think you can find microsoft support for other versions of windows as well
2. The website provides two options “Fix it for me”, which I used, or “Let me fix it myself”.
3. Under the “Fix it for me” section, click on “Disable hibernation on Windows”. This will download an msi file, execute it if it doesn’t start by itself.
4. Once done, click on “Enable hibernation on Windows”.
5. Restart your machine. This is just for completion, don’t think it’s needed though :)
6. Hibernate and test!!!